Experiencing God’s Love Course

A course to help you grow closer to God and know Him in a more intimate way.

Experiencing God’s Love is an 8-week course that covers the 7 simple steps to Intimacy with God. We recommend you listen to the 1st course video and start the 40 Day Worship Experience (40 DWE) the following day. Listen to one course video each week as you through the 40 days. During this course, you will participate in the 40 Day Worship Experience which is simply giving Jesus your first 15 minutes of the day. It will serve you in developing a closer walk with God, hearing His voice more clearly, and enjoying more peace in your heart. These 40 days will transform your heart and set you on a path to walk with God daily. You don’t want to miss this life-changing experience; it has changed so many lives.

We can experience a closer walk with God by spending time alone with Him every morning. The 40 Day Worship Experience is an opportunity for you to develop this habit. Sign up for the 40 daily prompts as an encouragement to this time.

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What you’ll learn during the experience:

  • How to give God the first 15 minutes of your day.
  • A tangible way to cultivate a heart of surrender.
  • What it looks like to build a relationship with your Creator that is dynamic, genuine, and fresh.

You will need a…

  • Bible
  • Devotional
  • Source of Music & Headphones
  • Journal & a Pen or Pencil

Additional Resources

  • Surrender Prayer
  • Be with Jesus 365 Book
  • Experiencing God’s Love Course
  • Facebook Group

Transformation Stories

“I started with massive fear that I would not connect with God doing the worship experience. That He would be silent… worse yet, that He would pass me by. It took consistent time learning how to let Him love me as I listened to worship before His love began to transform my mind. Now, I hate missing a day connecting with Him because He meets me in my need when I surrender everything to Him. My heart settles into peace and I am able to walk in a sense of safety and love that no one else on this earth can provide for me. The 40-Day Worship Experience has been crucial in learning how to live in this broken world.”

Josh Polvogt

“One Sunday after church Pastor Mark Jones approached me and asked “How are your devotional times? Are you meeting with Jesus?” My response was “I read the word and I pray every morning”.. he replied “that’s not what I asked, I said are you meeting with Jesus?” My answers were “maybe? and probably not”.. You see for years I had gone through the routine of waking up, reading the word and praying during my morning devotions but those times had become stale and stagnate if I’m honest. I was just going through the routine.

Pastor Mark challenged me to try the “40-Day Worship Experience” and it has completely changed my life! My morning devotions are exciting and never the same as I spend time with Jesus. It’s completely transformed my thinking and the way I approach my times with Him. You have to try the “40-Day Worship Experience”!”

Jeremy Scott

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40 Day Worship Experience

Start each day in God’s presence surrendering your will to His.

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To know God intimately and walk with Him completely by starting your day in worship and surrender.

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