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Experience Authentic Intimacy with God

Written by Dr. Mark Jones

Be with Jesus 365: Experience Authentic Intimacy with God book and accompanying devotional book by Dr. Mark Jones

Be With Jesus 365 will encourage you as your walk with God is strengthened and deepened.

“I can think of no one better to offer a book such as this. Having known Dr. Mark Jones for decades, I can assure you that this experience comes from someone with an amazing heart for God. He is rightly known for passionate, fervent prayer, a heartfelt love for others, and a vibrant intensity in his walk with God. In this book he acts as a personal spiritual trainer with a sincere desire to coach us in how we connect with God. He offers a realistic and “doable” plan as well as practical tips and insightful motivations. In all this, the thing I appreciate most is how he removes the guilt-prone religion and replaces it with a genuine, sincere, and liberating approach. I highly recommend the 40-Day Worship Experience to you!”

—Ken Malmin, Dean, Portland Bible College; Portland, Oregon

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Praise for the Books

Be with Jesus 365 and the 40-Day Worship Experience will revolutionize your life! I was encouraged, challenged, and inspired by this practical yet dynamic guideline to encountering His Presence on a daily basis. Without a doubt, our lives are enriched and refreshed when we simply take time to be with Him—to open our hearts to the whispers of His intimate love. There is no clearer way to cultivating a Christ lifestyle than through worship. This book is a MUST READ for every believer who hungers for His Presence!

—Howard Rachinski

Former president and CEO, Christian Copyright Licensing Int. (CCLI); Portland, Oregon

For the past twenty-five years, my life has been deeply impacted by the life and ministry of Mark Jones. Finally, the secret has been revealed in this riveting new book that has had a profound impact on my own life. I took the 40-Day Worship Experience and am still enjoying the fresh revelation it has brought to my personal devotional life and beyond. This is a must read for every person regardless of age and level of Christian maturity. It will refresh you, strengthen you, and develop a fresh understanding of what it means to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. The challenge is on! I dare you to take it.

—Marc Estes

Senior Pastor, Mannahouse; Portland, Oregon

Dr. Mark Jones is one of the most spiritually passionate and genuine people I’ve ever met. Dr. Mark’s life of prayer and devotion has inspired countless believers, of whom I am one, to transform the discipline of devotion into a pursuit of intimacy with a personal God. His book, Be with Jesus 365, is an inspirational and practical guidebook that will lead the sincere reader into a deeper, richer, and life-changing relationship with God. Be with Jesus 365 captures the heart of true devotional living, and its impact will remain long after the forty-day experience is completed.

—Michael P. White

President, Gateway Communications, Inc., Portland, Oregon

This book has given me some new perspectives on my faith and because of it I my relationship with Jesus is growing more intimate. I felt like I was in a rut this past year and reading the daily devotional has helped me get back on track. Highly recommended.


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A great devotional to start your day and create a habit of seeking God in the morning. Insightful and challenging for those who want to go deeper with God. I have already purchased it for a friend and I plan on giving it as gifts throughout the year. I usually spend my time alone with God at night but I wanted to challenge myself to start my day with Him also. Dr. Jones daughter mentioned this devotional in passing on her YT channel and it is exactly what I was looking for. I’m on day 10 and I look forward to it every morning.


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I watch his YouTube channel and the message truly grounds me. I sit early in the morning, read, and reflect. I try each day to solidify my relationship with God and if this book is anything like his channel, I’m sure it’ll assist me. GO WATCH HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. So calming and uplifting.


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This study will encourage you during your time alone with God by giving Him the very first of your day in worship and surrender.

Looking for another Spirit-filled read?

“Cultivating Prayer And Intercession/The Local Church,” also written by Dr. Mark Jones, is available on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a little more direction as you begin this journey, here are a few common questions people ask. We hope these are a beneficial resource to you. If you still have a question, reach out! We respond quickest to direct messages on Facebook and Instagram.


What is the 40 Day Worship Experience made up of?

The 40 Day Worship Experience devotional primers are short videos to encourage you in your time alone with the Lord. Watch one each day. They will support you on the 40DWE. God is doing something new in your life each morning. You are opening up your heart to His. Your time alone with God is the most important part of your day! Let the videos encourage your heart to press on and keep meeting with the Lord. You will see changes happening in your heart as you sit with Him!

Start Day 1 >>

Do I need to do the experience alone?

No, you do not have to walk through this alone. In fact, we love seeing people connect with others through this process. We call this "linking shields."

The concept of linking shields goes back to the time when the Roman soldiers would link their shields to protect themselves as they advanced towards the enemy. When we join forces with those around us, we become stronger than we would on our own.

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed” (Ecclesiastes 4:9 NLT).

Join the Facebook group and be encouraged by others who are meeting with God every morning. Also, ask a friend or two to go on the 40 Day Worship Experience with you. Have them text you, “Good morning,” when they are meeting with God. Text them back, “Good morning,” when you are meeting with God. It’s that simple!

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Is there some sort of introduction to the 40 Day Worship Experience?

Yes, we have created an intro page to explain our approach to this experience. You don't have to read through it to get started on Day 1, but it is available on our resources page if you're interested.

This will give an overview of the 40 Day Worship Experience (40 DWE). Read this before you start to catch the vision for meeting each morning with God for the next 40 days. Give God the first 15 minutes of your day, surrender your will to His, and open up your heart to his love. The page will give you practical suggestions for starting the 40 DWE. This will be the beginning of experiencing God’s love in a new way.

Introduction Page >>

What do I do for the 40 days?

Each day, you will receive an email with thoughtful content and Scripture to prompt your time with God. We also include a link to the Surrender Prayer to start your quiet time off and a link to the Facebook Group in case you want to connect further with community.

You can preview what those prompt emails include here: Prompt Preview


Praying is intimidating to me. Where do I start?

Surrendering our will over to God’s will is such a critical and essential part of our relationship with God. It allows God’s love to flow into our hearts. But, that doesn't mean it isn't daunting to many of us. That is why we wrote a guiding Surrender Prayer.

This Surrender Prayer (linked below) has been used by many to guide their daily surrender to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It focuses on giving God the full control of our lives and defeats the insurgence of the flesh—our old nature—into our thoughts and feelings. There is a longer and a shorter version. Both will help guide your first thoughts toward God, allowing you to receive his love afresh. This is the best way to begin the day.

Surrender Prayer >>

Do I need the book to complete the experience?

The Be with Jesus 365 book is meant to supplement your walk with God and flows nicely with the 40 Day Worship Experience, but you can definitely work through it in your own journal if desired.

Discover a relationship with your Creator that is dynamic, genuine and fresh. The book is about approaching God with simplicity and candor. It is about going beyond religion, ritual, and packaged prayers. You will learn to draw near to God through prayer in an atmosphere of worship—and as you do, you will enjoy your spiritual journey like never before.
This book will be used with the class, “Experiencing God’s Love.” A 40 Day Journal and Study Guide Questions for each chapter are included.

Find out more about the book and how to order it here: Be with Jesus 365 Book >>

What about the class? How does that fit in?

The class will help you grow closer to God and know Him in a more intimate way. It covers 7 simple steps to intimacy with God. You will see how spending time alone with God every day will transform your life.

The class complements the book quite well, so it is easiest to go through those together. However, you can work through them simultaneously or in any sequence you decide.

There are 9 classes. Listen to one class each week and implement the content on a daily basis. Enjoy the journey of drawing near to God. Our goal is to meet with God for the first 15 minutes of the day, for 40 straight days. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day! Just start up again the next day. Remember, God waits all night for you to get up, and He wants be with you!

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I think I'm ready for the 40 Day Worship Experience. Now what?

Our 40 Day Worship Experience page outlines it in clear steps.

  1. Read the Introduction Page
  2. Commit to Spending Time Each Day
  3. Receive Daily Prompts
  4. Grow Deeper as you Spend Time with God

When you're ready to sign up, provide your name and email address here to opt in for the daily emails.

Dive Deeper

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Experience God's Love

This course will teach you how to enjoy your time alone with God as you respond to His love.

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40 Day Worship Experience

Start each day in God’s presence surrendering your will to His.

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Facebook Group

We like to think of it as “linking shields.” Join us as we dig into God’s Word together.